Teacher Trainer (NFE)

Role objective
• To deliver training to teachers working with out of school children
• To assist teachers for their professional development which will enhance the quality 
of teaching and learning practices in Monastic schools

Duties, responsibilities and accountabilities 

• Conduct teacher training to teachers from monastic education schools who are working with out of school children
• Mentor teachers in the use of effective teaching methodologies in the classroom that are complies with desired standards of Monastic schools
• Write and submit training and mentoring reports to senior teacher trainers
• Continue professional development activities such as joining and presenting at 
relevant conferences, meetings, trainings and workshops when necessary
• Collaborate and provide feedback to senior trainers and the coordinator to revise 
the training manuals, NFE syllabus, NFE curriculum framework and other documents 
as required
• Provide teacher training and mentoring to private schools and other organizations as 

Key Performance Indicators 

• Successful delivery of teacher training programs and mentoring (center based and school based)
• Comprehensive reports indicating to improved teaching practices in the classrooms
• Active participation and contribution to activities inside and outside of MEDG
• Reports demonstrating improved student motivation, attendance rates and basic hygiene
• Increased participation of parents and community in school activities

Role Requirements

Technical skills and Experience 

• Demonstrate active, motivational and participatory teaching skills in class/training
• Aware of effective approaches to quality teaching and learning process
• Know the concepts and have experience of one on one and group mentoring
• Be able to write reports (potential)
• Can use Microsoft office (word, excel)

Personal Competencies 

• Communication skill
• Facilitation skill
• Problem solving skill
• Management in complex situation 

• Educational Background 

• Completion of relevant teacher training
• Degree or relevant education/ training


• Motivated lifelong learner who is excited to try new things and learn from mistakes


• Support senior teacher trainers to revise manual, write reports, monitor and evaluate teachers
• Collaborate with M&E, HR, MEDG staff and others as required
• Collaborate with principals, teachers, parents and community members 

Selection Criteria
• Demonstrate ability to train teachers and to manage training programs
• Ability to speak and write in Burmese and potential for English
• Training/ teaching experience of at least 2 years
• Ability to meet deadlines and budgets 

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